Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wow....1 year already????

The post below is 1 yr old today, amazing how far we have come in one is walking 5 miles a day and gets stronger with every is the link to the Boston Heart Walk that he IS walking this year...please join or donate if you can, thanks....


Dad had VAD surgery on 6/9/09 @11 am, things went really well. Dr. Magillivry was very pleased with how things went and was encouraged by how he was responding. He had the breathing tube removed this morning around 11:30 and was breathing on his own without and trouble or difficulty. Mom says he was groggy but knew they were there and was asking a lot of questions about his device and how it all works. He likes his nurses, which is more than I can say, I don't like Travis he wants no part of speaking with family however they encourage you to call 24/7, he is just rude and speaks to you as if you have no clue as to what VAD surgery is about, grrrr.
We did have more than one angel looking over our shoulder yesterday, dad had his in the OR and B and I had 2, Dr Parks who came to the waiting room to advise me on what was happening and Janice for VAD was our other angel, she was fantastic, she kept us up to date on everything all day, she calmed our fears and held our hands and gave hugs when we needed them, she was a truly welcomed part of yesterdays experiences. Kathy from heart Failure met us also in dads room after surgery to make sure he was ok and to check on Me and B, she too is a gift from god, just like Dr Parks and Janice....MGH is truly remarkable and the staff is top rate.


Anonymous said...

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ZackRabbit said...

WOW!! what a year you've had! So excited to hear dat Papa is walkin so much each day!! BIG HUGS! =:3

JanuskieZ said...

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Stephanie Deibel Wood said...

I'm not sure if you still are reading this or get alerts about this page? I had known James Short from school. He was a wonderful person who always had a smile on his face & would always make you smile also. James was my very first "date" as I was in the 5th grade. His parents picked us up from school & took us to the mall to see a movie. This is something I have never forgotten. A few years later my younger brother began to take interest in skateboarding & became very good friends with James as much of my family members also did. I just want to tell you that you were given a very special heart one that was definitely made for a special person to receive. I hope you & James's heart are still doing wonderful! Hugs for you & James!!
Stephanie Deibel Wood (Ohio)